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Premier Community - Based Behavioral Healthcare

Sunpath LLC is a comprehensive, community-based, mental health, and addictions recovery agency.  We provide premier Community-Based Healthcare to children, adults, and families in the greater metro of Charlotte, North Carolina. We offer an efficient and effective array of services that are psycho-educational and supportive in nature. These services are intended to meet the Mental Health, Developmental Disability, and Chemical Dependency needs of consumers with significant functional deficits or challenges with the aforementioned. 


Whether Short-Term Outpatient Care or Intensive Treatment over a longer period of time, Sunpath LLC is here to help those we serve to achieve maximum levels of function, personal potential, and socialization, based on their respective needs, choices, and preferences.

Our Services:

Sunpath LLC provides these clinically supervised services; person-centered and community-based:


  • Outpatient Therapy

  • Case Management

  • Community Support Team

  • Clinical Assessments / Evaluations

  • Consultations

  • Chemical Dependency / Substance Abuse Treatment

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Our Professionals:

Sunpath LLC's team is comprised of highly skilled professionals of diverse backgrounds, who are committed to offering hope and help to families of all types. Sunpath LLC's health professionals aim to provide the highest caliber of service, including:


  • Developing a secure, dependable, therapeutic rapport.

  • Focusing on the individual needs of the consumer.

  • Encouraging consumer initiative and independence.

  • Inspiring consumer growth.

  • Reinforcing positive conduct.

  • Assisting the consumer in the achievement of their goals.

Better Care Starts with You!


“Our community support worker has been very sensitive to our needs and does all he can to see that my child gets the best care possible.  He is a very caring individual and he has absolutely been an asset to our family.  He is very dedicated and we appreciate everything he has done for my child and family."


                                                                       Scott Govan


“Sunpath, LLC was God send to me and my family.  I would have a hard time getting to and from places that my case manager is allowed to take me.  Without her I would need added assistance.  I truly think she is a great part of my recovery.”


Anna Hawkins

“We couldn’t be happier with the services we receive. Our therapist is always informative, compassionate, positive, and involved. Our child is becoming increasingly more engaged and comfortable in her own skin.  We adore our session time and are grateful for the opportunity to continue working with our therapist.”


                                                               Sandra Billings 


“My community support worker has always been professional, empathetic, and helped me with all my needs and mental health issues.  She has been there to assist me with facing and dealing with my fears whenever needed, providing me with resources as I have needed.”


                                                                    Edward Otis

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