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Sunpath LLC - a community leader in the provision of Community-Based  Behavioral Healthcare.

Why Sunpath LLC?


Sunpath LLC is an independent Behavioral Health Provider that is focused on person-centered care in health and human services.  Sunpath LLC is nationally accredited under the Behavioral Health standards of the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF).  Arrowpoint Health is committed to maintaining this exemplary standard in the provision of behavioral health treatment services.  Arrowpoint Health is an equal-opportunity and affirmative-action employer with focused business practices and employment policies that promote diversity, equity, and inclusion. 


At the core of SunpathLLC’s organizational belief, is that everyone has a fundamental right to dignity, respect, access to needed services, and the ability to exercise informed choice.  Sunpath LLC's service provision model is guided by the principle that persons with mental health and/or chemical dependency challenges can actively contribute to our society and participate in a lifestyle of their choice while focusing on the removal of barriers caused by the continued presence of psychiatric and/or substance-induced concerns.

Diversity / Cultural Competency

Sunpath LLC values the diversity of many individuals who strive for quality health care for children, youth, and adults with mental health, substance use, and intellectual developmental needs. It is only through the collective wisdom, experience, and diversity of our family, friends, and partners that Sunpath can speak with "One Heart, Many Voices" for children, youth, and adults with mental health, substance use, and intellectual developmental needs. The following proclamation outlines the commitment of Sunpath LLC, as an organization, to provide services to all families, children, youth, and adults.  Diversity / Cultural Competency is very important to our services. You can download the Diversity / Cultural Competency statement or suggest how we can improve by accessing the Site File Share.

The Advocate (News Letter)

The Advocate is a newsletter located in the Site File Share that promotes healthy living, information about mental health and substance use, and Sunpath LLC's outcomes. Please feel free to contact us to sign up for a newsletter or to send us your comments.

Our Consumers

Sunpath LLC makes every effort to help our consumers stay informed and up-to-date. For easy access, we have attached some forms and resources for you in the Site File Share.

Our Stakeholders

The feedback we receive from persons throughout our community is something we take seriously in our efforts to improve our organization. We value your input and welcome your honesty in completing this community stakeholder survey located in the Site File Share.​

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