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Sunpath LLC is a nationally accredited and CABHA certified behavioral health agency that provides mental health and substance use services to individuals and families in Western North Carolina. We provide an efficient and effective array of services that are psycho-educational and supportive in nature. These services are intended to meet the Mental Health, Developmental Disability, and Substance Use needs of consumers with significant functional deficits or who because of negative environmental, medical or biological factors, are at risk of developing or increasing the magnitude of such functional deficiencies.

Examples of those among the latter group are:

  • Substance Use
  • Mental Illness
  • Serious Emotional Disturbances (SED)
  • Consumers that are at risk of significant Developmental Delays
  • Atypical Development

All of the above could result in an inability to actively participate in the community without services, support, and guidance. Sunpath, LLC provides outpatient services working directly with consumers, parents or other caregivers (individually or groups) in a naturally occurring setting.

Our Philosophy

Sunpath, LLC believes that every human being deserves to be treated with respect and dignity. It is under this ideology that we encourage and support our consumers on the importance of being positive and productive citizens. Sunpath, LLC strives to pave the way and serve as a beacon for individuals on the pathway to brighter futures.

Our Mission

Sunpath, LLC enhances our community by providing premier human services focusing on quality assurance and professionalism. We deliver an effective and efficient array of services, which enable our consumers and their families to develop key skill sets, achieve their potential and become positive contributors to society. Sunpath, LLC is committed to providing culturally diverse and competent services in Gaston, Lincoln, Cleveland, and Mecklenburg communities.

Diversity / Cultural Competency

Sunpath, LLC values the diversity of many individuals who strive for quality health care for children, youth, and adults with mental health, substance use, and intellectual developmental needs. It is only through the collective wisdom, experience, and diversity of our family, friends and partners that Sunpath is able to speak with "One Heart, Many Voices" for children, youth, and adults with mental health, substance use, and intellectual developmental needs. The following proclamation outlines the commitment of Sunpath, LLC, as an organization, to provide services to all families, children, youth, and adults.

Sunpath, LLC mission as an agency and network of families and friends is to advocate for health care services for all children, youth, and adults with mental health, substance use, and intellectual developmental needs that are family-centered, community-based, comprehensive, coordinated and culturally competent;

Sunpath, LLC promotes the inclusion of all individuals, families and/or youth as decision makers at all levels of health care to assure the provision of quality care and the enhancement of care outcomes that are beneficial to the child, youth and his/her family;

Sunpath, LLC supports the exploration, development and maintenance of essential and supportive partnerships between adults, children, youth, families and professionals;

Sunpath, LLC affirms the principles that family-centered health care benefits and services for children, youth, and adults be flexible, guided by need, be affordable, and within geographic reach;

Sunpath, LLC is informed by an appreciation of cultural and ethnic diversity as essential to the quality of outcomes, products, services for which it as an organization is responsible;

Therefore, Sunpath, LLC commits to making every effort to understand, value, include and incorporate considerations related to diversity and cultural competence into its work and operational structure in order to assure that:

  1. Issues of diversity are explicitly and implicitly at the forefront of policy, practice and research considerations;

  2. Its commitment to and recognition of diversity and cultural and linguistic competency is seen as intentional and infused into all aspects of the organization by those in the network;

  3. Its commitment to and recognition of diversity and cultural and linguistic competency is examined and assessed regularly and carefully as a desired outcome of work by board and senior leadership, embraced by staff and integrated structurally in the operation of the organization;

  4. Adults, children, youth and families and the organizations it partners with recognize and understand its championship of, commitment to, and practice of diversity and culturally competent care;

  5. Improvements in the health care delivery systems for adults, children, youth and families allow for the receipt of appropriate and responsive services that meet their unique needs;

Hence, Sunpath, LLC is committed to providing the necessary training and resources to its network to develop attitudes, knowledge and skills to enable staff to provide culturally competent services to families of children, youth, and adults with mental health, substance use, and intellectual developmental needs.

Sunpath, LLC as an organization, operationally defines "Diversity" as valued differences based on ethnicity, age, socio-economic status, religion, language, national origin, political belief, creed, race, color, sex, height, weight, geographic location, disability, gender identity, marital status, and veteran status; and "Cultural Competency" as a fluid, ongoing life-long process that involves the individuals within the network's ability to think, feel, and act in ways that acknowledge, respect and build upon ethnic, socio-cultural, and linguistic diversity allowing individuals to work effectively cross-culturally.

Diversity / Cultural Competency is very important to our services. You can download the Diversity / Cultural Competency statement or make a suggestion on how we can improve below:

Our Professionals

Sunpath LLC's team is comprised of highly skilled professionals and paraprofessionals of diverse backgrounds and experiences, who are committed to offering hope and help to families of all types. We invest liberally in the training and development of all Sunpath LLC team members to keep them current on the latest psychological trends and treatments, thus providing the consumer the highest caliber of service.

Sunpath LLC staff:

Develops and nurtures a dependable, secure and therapeutic rapport.
Focuses on the individual needs of the consumer.
Equips and encourages consumer initiative and independence.
Inspires consumer growth.
Reinforces positive conduct.
Assists the consumer in the achievement of goals.

The Advocate (Newsletters)

The Advocate is a newsletter that promotes healthy living, information about mental health and substance use, and Sunpath, LLC's outcomes. We would appreciate your input and feedback. Please feel free to contact us via email us to sign up for a newsletter or to send us your comments.

Our Consumers

Sunpath LLC makes every effort to help our consumers stay informed and up-to-date. For easy access, we have attached some forms and resources for you:

Our Stakeholders

The feedback we receive from persons throughout our community is something we take seriously in our efforts to improve our organization. We value your input and welcome your honesty in completing this community stakeholder survey.



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